It's freaking outrageous. If an employee is accused of theft, they immediately get fired and the big fast food chains we work for don't hesitate to get the law involved. But when it's the corporations who are stealing from us workers, the chains want everyone to look the other way.

NO WAY. We're DONE being exploited. Don't let the fast food giants get away with it. Read these stories of being robbed at work and share the images on Facebook after you have.

Alvin Major says KFC withheld overtime pay

Alvin Major
"I am never paid overtime, even though I work 68 hours on average every week. I receive three separate paychecks from the same company, but they told me I cannot get overtime because I work at different stores, but that's not true. I should be paid $100 per week more than I am. If I was paid fairly, I would be able to provide more for my family or spend more time with my kids. It is for them that I work so hard."

Vicente de Jesus Garcia says Papa John's paid less than minimum wage

Vicente de Jesus Garcia
Papa John's
"It's crazy that Papa John's pays us less than minimum wage. If my employer paid me properly I would be able to buy better clothes, pay for school for my kids, take better care of my household and still be able to pay my rent. But no, I definitely do not make enough for all of those things."

Amanda Weninghoff says McDonald's withheld overtime pay

Amanda Weninghoff
"I was living in my car in a McDonald's parking lot - the McDonald's where I work. My two children were staying with my parents, but I could barely afford to keep them fed. And the whole time, I believe my boss was robbing me. I got paid for overtime only about half the time. I worked about 8 hours of unpaid overtime each month - that's $100 which could mean groceries to feed my two children or gas to put in my car. That's not right. I deserve to be paid for the work I do."

Isalia Navarrete says Burger King forced her to work off-the-clock

Isalia Navarrete
Burger King
"I'm required to show up to the Burger King I work at each morning at 5:30 a.m., but my manager does not clock us in till 10 to 25 minutes later. That may not sound like a lot, but it adds up to a couple hours each paycheck that I work without payment. That money means food for my family or school supplies or new clothes for my kids. I feel disrespected and unappreciated for the hard work I put in at my job."

Jessica Cogle says McDonald's delayed paychecks

Jessica Cogle
"Several times, my paycheck was not at the store when I went to get it. Once, I spent my last bit of money getting to the store to get paid. The manager told me, 'That's not my problem.' I had to ask my mom and my friend for money just so I could get home that night, and then back to the store the next day to get paid." She finally got paid a day or two later. "Eventually, I was kicked out of my apartment because I couldn't pay my rent on time. It's really hard to pay the rent on time when I never know when my check is going to show up. Now, I'm living in a shelter, and I have to start all over. I'm really worried about my living situation because I have a baby on the way."


Getting ripped off by greedy corporate policies?

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